Handwoven Aesthetic moroccan carpets

A collection of one of a kind textiles Handwoven by Talented Berber Women


We Are Preserving Thousands of Years Traditions By Showing Our Aesthetic Textiles To The World To See

Made to spread The Love

The thing with handmade Moroccan Carpets is that They still have the weaver's feelings on them. Our rugs are made by a lot of LOVE and Care. That Vibe of Love, relaxation and WARM HUMAN CONNECTION will be spread in your entire room. It's Our Gift For You and Your Loved Ones ❤

100% Handwavon and Natural

Berber women of Morocco have been handweaving textiles since 600 BC. The carpet colors are inspired by NATURE: tree and plant extracts, such as saffron, henna, tree roots, leaves of herbs, pomegranate peel, types of minerals and other natural materials. And Each color and symbol has a meaning 🌼

100% Aesthetic match

Our Rugs are known by their authenticity. their nature-inspired color explosions are hard not to fall in love with. They Give a Bohemian southern Moroccan Flavor to the your home. Each symbol of our rugs tells a timeless story ✨❤🌼!